About us

We are a small family company with a production, trade and service character.

Our company was established in 2006, initially as a producer of Christmas decorations and artificial Christmas trees. Over time, the offer of services was extended to include co-packing activities. New services have been added to the offer, i.e. heat sealing, cottage orders and many activities related to the preparation of the product for retail sale, mainly in retail chains.

As a hobby, we also renovate vintage motorcycles. Our over 20 years of experience allows us to repair even the oldest motorcycles.

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Heat sealing

In this service, the product is placed in a heat-shrinkable foil, then the product is sealed inside with a special angular sealer. After that, the product is directed to the tunnel where the foil shrinks. The effect of this action is the aesthetic appearance of the product. This service effectively protects against dirt and moisture. It also facilitates the subsequent collective packaging and labeling of goods for retail sale.

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Confectioning / Co-packing

The offer is addressed to all trading companies, importing goods or producing them in wholesale quantities. The service consists in repackaging products from collective packaging to unit packaging in accordance with the needs of buyers. Most often they are various kinds of pouches with hangers for sale in supermarkets. Co-packing also means creating various sets or promotional packages.

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Cottage industry

It is a service, in fact, strongly related to packaging, its distinguishing feature is that our company, thanks to a large group of cooperating people, is able to repack very large amounts of goods in a short time.

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ATA Customs Agency

The company was established in response to the wide interest of business entities that exchange goods with European Union countries and beyond. Our main task is to comprehensively represent the client's interests before the customs authorities.

We offer services in the field of:
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Customs clearance export / import
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Intrastat declarations
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe AKCU declarations (excise duty)
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Intermediation in active and passive refinements
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe ATA carnet
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe TIR carnet
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe A certificate of origin
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Certificate EUR1
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Comprehensive customs service
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Assignment of EORI numbers
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Document translations
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Artificial Christmas trees

From the beginning of the existence of the company, we produce high-quality artificial Christmas trees, garlands, Christmas snakes and other Christmas decorations. We offer many types and sizes of Christmas trees.
Standard heights are from 50cm to 250cm.
On special request, we also produce giant Christmas trees up to 500 cm high


Christmas tree production has been suspended for the duration of the covid 19 pandemic.

Below are photos of sample products:
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Vintage motorcycles

We welcome all moto fans

We present an offer to renovate vintage motorcycles

We offer services in the field of:
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Tinsmithing / varnishing
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Manufacturing spare parts
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Repairs, modernization of parts
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Repair / modernization of electrical systems
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Galvanization
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Part regeneration
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Major overhauls of engines
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Comprehensive renovation of vintage motorcycles
ARDA motocykle zabytkowe Running repairs
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Contact, location

PPH ARDA Arkadiusz Pietrusiak

ul. Krótka 3, 42-350 Koziegłowy
NIP PL5771541251

Arkadiusz Pietrusiak
tel.: +48 510 125 611

Customs agency „ATA” s.c


Częstochowa ul. Koksowa 11 pokój 307
42-200 Częstochowa
Anna Siedlak
tel.: +48 664 748 200

Justyna Pietrusiak
tel.: +48 664 748 201

Beata Jabłońska
tel.: +48 664 748 202


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